Mr. Fuller’s Social Studies

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

                                                  ~ Margaret Fuller


Updated 1-19-15


Welcome to the official Mr. Fuller’s Social Studies class site. 

All 6th grade students will learn basic concepts within these core subjects:

    *  Principles of Government  (Monarchy, Democracy, Dictatorship)
    *  Principles of Economics    (Capitalism, Communism, Socialism, Traditionalism)
    *  Tools of Geography            (Fives Themes of Geography)
    *  Historical Perspective       (Understanding of Cause and Effect)
    *  Culture                                  (Seven Elements of Culture)

Students will review each core subject while researching and learning about each continental region of the globe.

This site will allow you to download class notes, watch video blogs, take part in online forum discussions, and stay in touch with important calendar events.

Bluegrass Middle School’s Social Studies Department

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